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We're Pinnacle Tax & Accounting, a tax accountant near West Palm Beach Florida, and we're hyper focused on helping businesses build more tax efficient, scalable and profitable businesses while helping their owners mitigate risks.

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Get Pro-Active Tax & Accounting

We'll help your business reduce taxes, save time & grow

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions can help your small business scale by serving as your Outsourced Accounting team. Lean on our knowledge and expertise & allow us to tackle your bookkeeping, tax and payroll..

Florida Small Business Tax

Run a Leaner Business by Outsourcing

Our Qualified Team Delivers Pristine Financials

Throughout the year, we'll do your bookkeeping every month so you can focus on what you do best.  Perfect bookkeeping done without lifting a finger.

Pinnacle Tax, Accounting & Bookkeeping Florida

Never Overpay in Tax Again

We'll create a tax reduction plan for you and your business

We pride ourselves in bringing top tier tax reduction strategies to small business.  Our clients pay significantly less in tax while avoiding problems with the IRS.

Lowered Taxes & Perfect Bookkeeping

No More Cluttered Inbox Of Receipts And Invoices

Our seasoned bookkeepers keep your receipts and invoices organized, scanned, and easily accessible

There is nothing more terrifying than approaching tax preparation time with several boxes of crumpled receipts and invoices without any reference to their origin. Stress no more with our trusted bookkeepers who have a passion in creating order amongst chaos. We will ensure you are ready for any financial, payroll, and bookkeeping obstacle.

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Superior Tax Accountants Near West Palm Beach, FL

Your Trusted Advisors - Pinnacle Taxx Solutions

Our team advises and assists Florida companies with real solutions and sound advice tailored to the client’s needs.

Our broad vision and critical view allow us to be strategic tax financial advisors with a 360-degree view of accounting services and tax preparation complexities.

With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we construct and deliver a comprehensive financial tax-strategy plan to achieve our client's goals. 

Committed Small Business Tax Preparation Near West Palm Beach, FL

Taxes vary for each business and situation, making no one-size-fits-all for tax planning or tax preparation. Cash flow is crucial for businesses, especially those with overhead and potential investment opportunities.

Good tax planning helps maximize liquid assets and provides the freedom to cover the regular cost, ensuring valuable opportunities are not missed. 

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions provide thorough tax planning, determining the best business structure to maximize goals, whether a business is a tax-paying entity, such as a “C” Corporation, or a “pass through “ entity, such as an “S” Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), or a Partnership.

West Palm Beach, FL Top-Rate Business Tax Strategists 

Tax laws can be tricky, and having the necessary tools to determine a tax strategy is vital in avoiding audits and potentially expensive fines. Our tax strategists are ready to dedicate the time needed to learn each Florida client’s unique tax situation and challenges to minimize their tax liabilities and deliver an optimal tax solution. 

Consider Pinnacle Taxx Solutions Tax Strategy Solutions - the all-inclusive tax and bookkeeping solution experts near me West Palm Beach, FL, and the Palm Beach County surrounding communities.

West Palm Beach, Florida, All-Inclusive Tax & Bookkeeping Experts

Accounting & Bookkeeping. Our expert accounting and bookkeeping services provide monthly financial reports and statements, simultaneously identifying tax-saving opportunities to help manage and scale Florida small businesses. 

Compliance. We efficiently prepare all federal, Florida, and West Palm Beach tax forms keeping Florida business owners legal and compliant and ensuring the business remains in good standing.

Tax Reduction Strategies. Pinnacle Taxx Solutions tax strategists save businesses in West Palm Beach money in tax and increase their cash flow and budget for any taxes owed throughout the year.

Tax Preparation. Year-end tax preparation will always be completed on time, and penalty-free.

Partner with the tax professionals at Pinnacle Taxx Solutions – a business-focused tax, accounting, all-inclusive consulting firm focused on West Palm Beach, Florida businesses. We are the one-stop shop helping hundreds of Florida business clients with comprehensive tax services that include:

Learn how Florida and West Palm Beach businesses can legally reduce taxes by $10k, 20k, 50k, or more. Connect with Pinnacle Taxx Solutions today for a free consultation

Proactive Outsourced Accounting Firm Near West Palm Beach, FL

Going Beyond Outsourced Accounting

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions provides Florida start-ups and established small businesses with a dedicated team of highly-experienced accountants and CFOs serving as complete or as support to an in-house accounting and finance department. 

Our CFOs work with clients to

  • Define KPIs
  • Understand unit economics
  • Execute long-term strategic plans 
  • Develop and refine financial models
  • Create customized accounting processes
  • Handle complex tax situations
  • Identify credits useful for a company

Best Value Fractional CFO Services Near West Palm Beach FL

Florida’s Preferred Financial Modeling & Fractional CFO Services Firm 

The Pinnacle CFO is a seasoned finance professional that raises, grows, and scales Florida small businesses. From financial model building to forecasting, Pinnacle has it covered.

Our extensive knowledge uses a data-driven approach that breaks down the importance of early-stage revenue projections, including an income statement, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement. 

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions in West Palm Beach, Florida’s leading operational accounting firm supporting start-ups and established Florida businesses, acting as a consultant and thought leader in all things finance and accounting as long-term growth partners. 

Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Near West Palm Beach FL

Client Invoicing - Accounts Payable - Financial Reporting 

As our client’s long-term accounting partner, Pinnacle analyzes the current accounting infrastructure, makes recommendations, and implements the tools and processes that help Florida business owners grow and scale.  

Palm Beach County’s Preferred All-Inclusive, Outsourced Bookkeeping Firm 

The Pinnacle accounting team are experienced accountants taking a deep dive into each business's unique processes and working with management in developing customized accounting processes to achieve their goals. We are a full-service bookkeeping firm offering clients top-notch services such as:

Experience what Pinnacle Taxx Solutions can do for your Florida business by contacting us today for a consultation.

Superior Florida Payroll Service Near West Palm Beach, FL

Pinnacle Mission: Our Client’s Success

Boutique in size but not in results. Pinnacle Taxx Solutions is committed to delivering exceptional bookkeeping, accounting, payroll processing, and tax-saving, wealth-building services.

We supply Florida businesses with highly-trained and educated staff offering one-on-one, personalized service, and 100% driven by their passion for helping companies grow and scale. 

Pinnacle succeeds only when our clients do.

Palm Beach County’s Payroll Processing Experts

West Palm Beach, Florida, small business owners spend at least eight hours every month performing payroll functions–this is twelve full days per year which could be spent on prospecting new business opportunities and improving services. 

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions is the leading and preferred payroll service near West Palm Beach, Florida, offering comprehensive and dynamic payroll solutions meeting our client’s business needs allowing them to spend the time needed focused on the best way to run their company. 

The Payroll Outsourcing Experts Near West Palm Beach, FL 

Time is Money. Pinnacle’s payroll processing service professionals allow clients to use their staff more efficiently, reducing overhead for specialized employees and eliminates the necessity of updating and maintaining the current payroll system.

Hassle-Free. Utilizing Pinnacle Taxx Solutions payroll outsourcing services brings the risk of tax missfilings to zero and clients don’t have to continually spend time learning the frequently changing tax laws and regulations.

Strengthen Your Core. By hiring the Pinnacle Payroll Experts, business owners can focus on core competency development; creating business growth and opportunities through strengthening business products, services, and relationships.

We are based out of Miami, but we specialize in serving suburbs like Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Tamarac, and Hollywood Florida.

The Pinnacle team is passionate and committed to providing exceptional client service and it is that foundation that sets Pinnacle Taxx Solutions apart from competitors. Be a Pinnacle Partner.

Pinnacle Partnership: Vision. Insight. Possibilities. 

Tax Accountant Near Miami Florida

We Love Serving Florida Small Business

We serve businesses across the United States, but Florida & the Miami Region is our passion.

Small business accounting services built for your business.

We'll work tirelessly to deliver fantastic results for your business.  If you're searching for a tax accountant in Florida, or if you need bookkeeping services near Miami Florida, we'd be honored to connect and see if we're a good fit.

Tax Strategist

We'll work throughout the year to find every opportunity to reduce your taxes, while keeping you compliant & avoiding audits.

Bookkeeping Services

Don't settle for amateur or DIY bookkeeping. We are the top bookkeeping service in Florida and we will help your business scale.

Outsourced Accounting

We'll handle all the accounting and tax, so your team can focus on what matters most.

Tax Preparation Services

We'll file your business and personal taxes, while working to mitigate the taxes you owe.

Payroll Services

We'll help you choose, implement and run the right payroll system for your business.