S-corp Maximization

Be Certain You're Getting the Most Out of Your S-Corp

Should you be an S-Corp? 

Are you getting the most out of your S-Corp?  

We'll help you setup or convert to an S-Corp and then run it properly, while maximizing its tax reduction potential.

S-Corp Setup & Conversions

Avoid IRS Problems & Maximize Tax Efficiency

We'll help you manage the tension that exists within an S-Corp to ensure you pay yourself the required reasonable salary, while not taking unwise risks. We'll provide the leadership and administration business owners want.

2553 Conversions & S-Corp Setup

We can help Sole Proprietorships properly convert to an S-Corp, filing the proper 2553 forms and ensuring no mistakes are made.

LLC vs. S-Corp

We'll help you compare LLC Sole Prop taxation to S-Corp taxation, so you can understand the differences and choose correctly.

Reasonable Salary Guidance

The most important part of ensuring you're making wise decisions with your S-Corp election, is to manage your "reasonable salary". We work alongside businesses to ensure they're being as aggressive as possible, while being full of integrity.

Payroll & Tax Payments Made Easy

We help S-Corps setup and run their required payroll and we'll help pay in your "reasonable salary" throughout the year, in order to avoid tax surprises.

S-Corp Compare: 
$100,000 Net Profit

Net Profits
($50,000 S-Corp Salary)
Social Security Taxes
Medicare Taxes
Total SE Taxes Due
Annual SE Tax Savings
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