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Florida Accountant for General Contractors

We're a Tax Accountant for General Contractors in Florida, with a focus on pro-active tax reduction planning, bookkeeping & business tax prep made simple.

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General Contractors Bookkeeping, Accountant, and Tax Prep Firm in Florida

Keeping your construction projects and jobs profitable so your business can grow and scale.

Our affordable construction-specific, dedicated bookkeepers, accountants, and tax prep experts provide job costing and work-in-progress reports, offer recommendations when materials price increases are predicted, and find tax deductions that you were unaware of; saving you time and money.

Florida Small Business Tax

Florida Contractor & Construction Payroll, Tax & Outsourced Accounting Firm

No more juggling projects, bids and subcontractor payroll

Our construction payroll specialists and general contractor tax experts are well-equipped to assist in payroll processing, payroll taxation, and cash flow management, to help Florida businesses become permanently profitable.

Pinnacle Tax, Accounting & Bookkeeping Florida

Florida Construction Tax Planning and Preparation Specialists

Build and scale your business with our elite team of tax and accounting professionals.

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions construction and general contractor industry experts will streamline and simplify your financial processes. We understand how construction operational costs may vary for each job.

Our construction partners are provided with exceptional support and service to help structure your business and provide tax planning, tax preparation and accounting advice to effectively manage your money.

Lowered Taxes & Perfect Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping, Tax, & Accounting Experts of Florida's Panhandle

Stop underquoting job costs and stay out of the red.

Our meticulous bookkeeping management ensures documentation is always in order and error-free. We are the industry-changers for Florida's general contracting and construction industry.

Our industry-specific knowledge and expertise saves construction companies and general contractors thousands in over-taxation, inaccurate records and unfavorable contracts.

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Premium Tax & Accounting Firm for Florida General Contractors

Without a firm foundation, everything above will eventually crumble. As in construction, same goes with a small business and their financials, payroll, bookkeeping, and tax planning.

It becomes a domino effect.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. - Benjamin Franklin

Build a solid foundation by partnering with Pinnacle so that your Florida construction and general contractor company doesn't end up in financial dire straits.

Unlock the full potential of the Pinnacle Partnership:

Build a firm foundation of sound cost management and record-keeping with Pinnacle Taxx Solutions.

Construction & General Contractor Payroll Services - Florida Panhandle

Our construction-specific and general contractor payroll services are more than an outsourced payroll company. We have the knowledge and expertise to fully understand the intricacies of the construction industry.

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions construction payroll services will help increase efficiency, maintain an error-free ledger, and help create work opportunities by finding money-saving opportunities, tax deductions, and more.

Miami-Dade County | Palm Beach County - Bookkeeping Company For General Contractors

Recession Proof Your Florida Construction and General Contracting Business

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions has the industry knowledge and experience of collaboratively working with Central Florida's top construction firms, general contractors, and subcontractors.

With the Pinnacle Partnership, you receive exclusive recession-proof strategies such as monitoring your budget vs actual expenses to identify any discrepancies and making adjustments, improving cash flow and reducing outstanding debt with accurate invoicing and timely payment collections, as well as other money-saving opportunities.

You Will Become the Ideal Borrower With Pinnacle Taxx Solutions

We empower Florida construction and general contracting business owners to operate their business effectively and efficiently, but there comes a time when you may need financing to keep your entrepreneurial dream going - and if you can't get it, your company can't grow.

Our accounting & bookkeeping experts will help you look great to creditors by maintaining accurate financial records and regular financial statements, by ensuring you are tax compliant, and providing timely financial reports demonstrating a clear picture of your company's financial health.

Discover how the Pinnacle Partnership will be one of the best decisions your company has ever made. We are better together.

Top-Rated Tax Strategist, Tax Planners, & Tax Preparation Firm For FL General Contractors

We find joy in helping Florida general contractors, subcontractors, and construction firms become better than the day before. Our Pinnacle Professionals take pride in and love creating tax strategies, devising short- and long-term tax planning, track progress more realistically, and identify ways to improve going forward.

We review your Miami-Dade County construction and general contractor company's financial and tax records, identify tax-saving opportunities, and help you make informed decisions on tax-related issues such as:

  • Depreciation
  • Expense deductions
  • Choice of business structure

Additionally, our tax strategists assist with tax compliance and provide guidance on tax issues specific to the construction industry. Pinnacle Taxx Solutions has everything a construction and general contracting small business owner needs to be unstoppable.

We are based out of Miami, but we specialize in serving Florida suburbs such as:

If you need a business accountant for the way you do business, don't delay and connect with us for your free consultation.

Tax Accountant Near Miami Florida

We Love Serving Florida Small Business

We serve businesses across the United States, but Florida & the Miami Region is our passion.

Small business accounting services built for your business.

We'll work tirelessly to deliver fantastic results for your business.  If you're searching for a tax accountant in Florida, or if you need bookkeeping services near Miami Florida, we'd be honored to connect and see if we're a good fit.

Tax Strategist

We'll work throughout the year to find every opportunity to reduce your taxes, while keeping you compliant & avoiding audits.

Bookkeeping Services

Don't settle for amateur or DIY bookkeeping. We are the top bookkeeping service in Florida and we will help your business scale.

Outsourced Accounting

We'll handle all the accounting and tax, so your team can focus on what matters most.

Tax Preparation Services

We'll file your business and personal taxes, while working to mitigate the taxes you owe.

Payroll Services

We'll help you choose, implement and run the right payroll system for your business.