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Small Business Accounting, Tax & Bookkeeping

We'll do your bookkeeping and taxes correctly, while ensuring you never overpay in tax.

Build a More Profitable & Scalable Business

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions can help your small business scale by serving as your Outsourced Accounting team. Lean on our knowledge and expertise & allow us to tackle your bookkeeping, tax and payroll.

Tax Strategist

We'll work throughout the year to find every opportunity to reduce your taxes, while keeping you compliant & avoiding audits.

Bookkeeping Services

Don't settle for amateur or DIY bookkeeping. We are the top bookkeeping service in Florida and we will help your business scale.

Outsourced Accounting

We'll handle all the accounting and tax, so your team can focus on what matters most.

Tax Preparation Services

We'll file your business and personal taxes, while working to mitigate the taxes you owe.

Payroll Services

We'll help you choose, implement and run the right payroll system for your business.

Our Partners
Tax, Bookkeeping & Accounting

Build a Thriving Business & Gain Financial 

We'll make sure that you are compliant with IRS codes and that you're setting yourself and your business up for success.

You can outsource your accounting & books to Pinnacle Taxx Solutions and we'll ensure you never overpay in tax and that you build wealth.

Our aggressive tax planning will result in your business paying less taxes.

Never waste staff time or resources, because we handle all the bookkeeping & accounting.

We will guide you to building your business wealth, creating a small business retirement plan and other investment strategies.

Establish perfect financials that your bankers will love.

Get excellent service from our friendly staff.

Get expert help on your small business taxes.

Focus on your business. Our team will handle all the accounting, bookkeeping & tax.

A tax professional will meet with you quarterly to ensure you're on track.

Maximize every tax mitigation strategy & loophole with our personalized tax reduction planning.

Enjoy rock-solid financials after our team cleans up your bookkeeping & establishes a top-tier chart of accounts.

Monthly bookkeeping will be done promptly and accurately by our team of tax accountants.

Grow a more profitable and scalable business with our help & guidance.

Never fall behind with tax payments after our team takes ownership of ensuring your business & personal tax liabilities are paid evenly throughout the year.

Year-End tax returns are done promptly, accurately and seamlessly as a result of our integrated services.

We make sure your business is compliant with current IRS codes.

Our team will handle your payroll, including 1099 Contractors.

Lowered Taxes, Perfect Books & Tax Returns Made Easy

Get expert help on your small business taxes.

The Pinnacle Team is passionate and committed to providing exceptional service, which is the foundation that sets Pinnacle Taxx Solutions apart from competitors.

Our Tax Strategists are ready to dedicate the time needed to learn each Florida client’s unique tax situation and challenges, to minimize their tax liabilities and deliver an optimal tax solution.

Provide thorough tax planning by determining the best business structure to maximize client’s goals.

Our savvy Tax Strategists keep the tax bill low by locating and identifying all advantages within the tax code, to keep Florida businesses growing.

Learn how Florida small businesses can legally reduce taxes by $10k, $20k, $50k or more by being a Pinnacle Partner.

Florida's Trusted Advisors

Achieve wealth-building, scalable results with
Pinnacle Taxx Solutions.

Enjoy the sophistication, industry specialization, expertise and high responsiveness Pinnacle Taxx Solutions offers by contacting us today.

We help industry leaders solve their toughest
financial challenges.

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions works collaboratively with our clients to learn their goals and operations quickly, so that we can provide the services needed to ensure their business is prosperous. 

We analyze opportunities for effective tax planning and create customized financial solutions, ensuring growth and scalability. 

The dynamic working relationships we build with our clients are why we are the preferred choice for Florida small business accounting, bookkeeping and tax planning services. 

Pool Builders & Pool Cleaners

We exist to help small businesses, particularly pool companies and pool cleaners in Florida, reduce their tax, scale their operations and get the  guidance their business deserves to operate a more lean and profitable business.

General Contractors

As the preferred Florida tax, accounting, and bookkeeping firm for general contractors, we focus on pro-active tax reduction planning, bookkeeping & business tax prep made simple. We bring valuable data & analysis to benchmark against the competition.

Remodeling Contractors

We are a Florida tax and accounting firm for remodeling contractors, home builders & construction companies. We help put the foundational financial pieces in place to better manage their clients, suppliers, and subcontractors to help them build success.

HVAC Companies

We are a team of accountants and bookkeepers for Florida HVAC Companies offering bookkeeping, tax & pro-active tax reduction planning services. We help HVAC business owners create financial plans they need to get their "ducts" in a row, to ensure organizational growth and profitability.

Real Estate Agents

Our real estate industry financial tax experts help Florida real estate agents maximize their tax reductions, financial forecasting, and financial tracking of business income and expenses, profit and loss statements. We also provide  insights on how to scale their real estate business.

Supporting your financial success

Our accomplished and dedicated team of bookkeepers and accounting professionals are here to ensure Florida small businesses grow and succeed.

Why Choose Pinnacle Taxx Solutions?

We are an affordable full-service accounting firm that consistently delivers timely and precise work. Our measurable results ensure that our clients have time to focus on their core business services.

Our customized financial solutions allow small business owners to make intentional and strategic decisions, ensuring continued business growth.

In creating consistent tax strategies that lower our clients tax liabilities, alongside our experienced and responsive experts, small business owners feel confident they are being represented well.

Access our valuable tax resources & experience the Pinnacle Partnership today.

Clients come to Pinnacle Taxx Solutions for expert tax and accounting advice that protects and grows their business.

As one of Florida’s fastest-growing firms providing small businesses with long-term financial security, we offer a full range of accounting, bookkeeping, outsourced CFOs, payroll services and more.

Partner with Pinnacle to experience all-inclusive, thoughtful tax advisory for your wealth-building strategies.


If you are searching for a trusted advisor delivering world-class service as an industry leader, stop by a local office or connect with us today to help your organization keep moving forward.


We offer a holistic approach delivering an exceptional high-touch client experience and these dynamics give us insight into creating bespoke strategies customized to each clients unique needs.


By analyzing each client's tax and accounting situations, we carefully craft tax strategies and customized solutions to ensure their business runs efficiently with growth and scalability.

Pro-Active Tax Accountant Miami Florida

Gain Confidence and Peace of Mind.

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions understands that tax planning and tax preparation are year-round. We work tirelessly to develop dynamic business plans for our Florida clients, so they can take advantage of all the tax credits and deductions resulting in their tax obligations being reduced, deferred, or eliminated.

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We Love Serving Florida Small Businesses

We serve businesses across the United States, but Florida & the Miami Region is our passion.


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Our small business tax experts comprehensive tax knowledge and extensive planning experience deliver the best tax structure and tax strategies for achieving scalable and sustainable wealth-building results for our clients.