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We'll work throughout the year to find every opportunity to reduce your taxes, while keeping you compliant & avoiding audits.

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Get Mitigated Taxes & Build Tax Efficient Wealth

We're a Miami based Tax Strategist, that works with small businesses throughout the year to lower taxes and build a more profitable and scalable business.

Florida Small Business Tax

Your Business Is Probably Overpaying in Tax

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions Makes It Easy to Ensure You Don't Overpay

We leave nothing to chance and handle everything necessary to identify and implement the best tax reduction strategies for small businesses.

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LLC vs. S-Corp Maximization

Are You Maximizing an S-Corp?

We'll ensure that you select the proper business entity, and then we'll help you get the most out of that entity.

S-Corporation conversion, along with benefits, income shifting and pro-active guidance, will lead to the biggest tax reductions in most small business.

Lowered Taxes & Perfect Bookkeeping

Take Control of Your Tax Bill & Growth

Avoid Mistakes & Make Wise Investments

The most important tax decisions are made with business owners throughout the year con cerning equipment, hiring, investments and benefits.

When you work with Pinnacle Taxx Solutions, you'll get pro-active, year-round guidance and advice to make the best decisions to lower taxes, avoid IRS problems, and scale your business properly,

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Small Business Tax Strategist Miami Florida

Miami Tax Strategist & Accountant

If you're searching for a Tax Strategist near Miami, Florida, we'd be honored to connect with you and provide a free second-opinion analysis.

Our Passion is Finding Ways to Lower Taxes

We know that when we come alongside a Miami, Florida business owner or family and help them keep more of what they earn, they're able to provide more for their own families, they can hire more team members, and their communities can benefit in a big way.

How Can Floridians Reduce Taxes?

  • Maximize an S-Corp vs. LLC
  • Utilize small business retirement plans
  • Utilize benefits, healthcare & fringe benefits
  • Hire their children & shirt income
  • Invest in new equipment and manage depreciation, amortization and payment schedules
  • Invest in real estate and utilize depreciation, cost segregations & real estate classifications with spouses
  • Planning a highly deductible business lifestyle
  • Utilizing tax loopholes & tax credits

What's the biggest tax reduction strategy?

The biggest tax reduction strategy we utilize is simple planning. Our customers are trying to build a more profitable business, while scaling beyond their current capabilities. The most impactful tax strategies are found in wise deployment of investment & equipment.

We can help balance the depreciation schedules for heavy equipment, trucks, manufacturing equipment and other major purchases, so that you keep cash flow and deductions aligned with income fluctuations.

Florida's Leading & Preferred Tax Strategists - Pinnacle Taxx Solutions

Recession-Proof Your South Florida Small Business With Our Proven Tax Strategies

With the Pinnacle Partnership, you receive exclusive recession-proof strategies such as monitoring your budget vs actual expenses to identify any discrepancies and making adjustments, improving cash flow and reducing outstanding debt with accurate invoicing and timely payment collections, as well as other money-saving opportunities.

Discover how the Pinnacle Partnership will be one of the best decisions your company has ever made.

We are better together.

Tax Strategists For Startups & Franchises

Industry-Leading Tax Accountants & Tax Strategists

If you are looking for a trusted advisor and accounting firm in South Florida that delivers world-class service, is proactive, and invests its time in the people and businesses of their local Miami-Dade community – Pinnacle Taxx Solutions is who you need to connect with today. 

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions - Tax, Audit, & Accounting FL

As a full-service tax and accounting firm serving Florida's Panhandle, Pinnacle Taxx Solutions provides industry expertise, a strong strategic plan, and the professional prowess to effectively run all aspects of accounting, bringing value to a business.

Specialized solutions to keep ahead of the curve - call today to discuss creating a partnership.

Leading Tax Strategist Near Miami, FL and Miami-Dade County Area

Best Methods & Tax Strategies for Florida Small Businesses

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions Tax Strategists uncover the most favorable tax accounting methods and tax strategies for clients supporting their accounting methods, capitalized costs, and inventory solutions by analyzing current practices, offering advice and strategy in maintaining federal law compliance, and recommending potentially beneficial changes. 

As our client’s trusted advisor, Pinnacle Taxx Solutions Tax Strategists and Tax Preparation Services deliver accurate tax returns by identifying opportunities for savings.

Our goal is to minimize tax compliance disruption and improve efficiency, which eases our clients' tax compliance burden. 

Pinnacle reduces the uncertainties surrounding income tax accounting with our range of customized, innovative, and dynamic tax solutions. Through our tax strategists' technical expertise, we enhance and bring efficiency to Florida small business tax processes. 

Track state, federal, and international tax updates by connecting with Pinnacle Taxx Solutions today.

We are based out of Miami, but we specialize in serving other south Florida suburbs:

Experience the Pinnacle Partnership with a free consultation.

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We Love Serving Florida Small Business

We serve businesses across the United States, but Florida & the Miami Region is our passion.

Small business accounting services built for your business.

We'll work tirelessly to deliver fantastic results for your business.  If you're searching for a tax accountant in Florida, or if you need bookkeeping services near Miami Florida, we'd be honored to connect and see if we're a good fit.

Tax Strategist

We'll work throughout the year to find every opportunity to reduce your taxes, while keeping you compliant & avoiding audits.

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Don't settle for amateur or DIY bookkeeping. We are the top bookkeeping service in Florida and we will help your business scale.

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We'll handle all the accounting and tax, so your team can focus on what matters most.

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We'll file your business and personal taxes, while working to mitigate the taxes you owe.

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We'll help you choose, implement and run the right payroll system for your business.